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The third Wine, Olive & Heritage Festival is being held in Jelsa on Hvar Island from June 16th to 19th 2022. It was not held last year due to Covid restrictions, but this year the festival is planned over five days with local participants, aiming to promote Hvar Island on different levels as a whole.

The Festival is aimed at local and foreign tourists, and will be promoting Hvar’s local producers in the context of ‘The Mediterranean Diet’, a concept based on ‘knowledge and expert practice using due care towards the natural food sources obtained from land and sea, which is important for food security, quality of life and a stable ecological environment’. The top priority is the presentation of Hvar Island’s local wines and olive products, in conjunction with the Festival guests.

Local people with their products and ideas for communal progress are the foundation of the Festival, and an important part is played by the guests and visitors who can help the locals to develop through learning new ideas. The Festival is a promotion of ‘The Best of Hvar’ through enjoyment and education. The official #hashtag is: #najbojeodHvara #JelsaWOH

We are looking forward to your visit to discover Hvar Island’s special local treasures! #eatlocal

Jelsa’s Third Wine Olive and Heritage Festival | Visit Jelsa.


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