Fontana Resort

In the pursuit of creating unforgettable experiences, resorts around the world often draw inspiration from nature, culture, and even mythology. Croatia, with stunning Adriatic coastline, picturesque islands like Hvar, and diverse natural beauty is known for its rich heritage and cultural significance. Our resorts have embraced the natural elements, particularly the winds and herbs/plants, to name their establishments.

Such pavilions – Maestral, Levanat, and Bura – Myrtus, Tamarix, Ficus, and Laurus – pay homage to the winds that shape Croatia’s climate, and herbs that defy the wind offering visitors a truly captivating experience surrounded by the country’s natural beauty.
And as if that wasn’t enough, we offer pavilions named after the twelve zodiac signs. These mystical pavilions present an opportunity to explore the depths of your zodiac surrounded by peace.

Welcome to Fontana Resort, a resort that stands for years as a testament to the harmonious union
between nature, culture, and hospitality.

"A Great Find"

The island of Hvar is a magnificent work of nature's and human creation. Hard working hands of its inhabitants enriched it with vineyards, olive groves, picturesque villages with white towers on churches and palaces in the best tradition of Mediterranean culture.


Pool bar

Outdoor pools with sea water

Sunbeds by the pools

Snack bar

Park tavern

Bicycle rental, storage & service

Tennis court

Conference room


Laundry service

The central part of the Fontana resort is our beautiful restaurant and pool bar, from which you can enjoy the continuous blue, where the sea “kisses” the sky. The restaurant is surrounded by pavilions, where all the rooms and apartments are located..
The main service of our resort is HB service – breakfast and dinner in buffet style (this only for Fontana resort)

Apartments, Studios & Rooms


60 sq.m.

4 - 6 guests

2 bedrooms

Spacious and comfortable, perfect for a complete treat, longer stays or families wanting to spread out.


48 sq.m.

2 - 4 guests

1 bedroom

Commodious and agreeable, suitable for smaller groups, families or couples who are looking for detachment from the center.


60 sq.m.

2 - 3 guests

1 studio

Pleasant and restful, ideal for guests seeking the space that hotel rooms cannot offer.


17 sq.m.

2 - 3 guests

1 bedroom

Situated across pavilions, convenient for budget conscious travellers, ideal choice for small families and couples seeking for an option to explore Hvar Island.


19 sq.m.

2 - 3 guests

1 bedroom

Convenient for budget conscious travellers, ideal choice for small families and couples seeking for an option to explore Hvar Island.

Contact us

Jelsa 94, 21465 Jelsa, Croatia

Front desk
+385 99 2563-724

Front Desk Working Hours
May through September: non - stop
October through April: by appointment

+385 21 761-810

Reservation Desk Working Hours
May through October: Mon – Sun: 8 AM – 6 PM
November through April: Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 6 PM

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